Our Services

  • A

    All sorts of 40’ GP / OT / FR / Platform / Super Rack shipping containers & Oversized machine Shipment Booking

  • B

    RoRo sea freight vessel quotation / Mafi & Crane shipment handling in Container Ports

  • C

    Strengthening Cargo: Technician On-Site cargo inspection service + Development of shipment plan which satisfies the requirements of the terminal and shipping company

  • D

    All Ports International cooperate with a wide variety of transportation firms to provide transportation equipment including 0.6m & 0.9m Low Bed Trailers, 1.2m Container Trailers.
    We also offer driver & engineers to monitor the whole procedure to ensure safety throughout the whole shipment until it reaches its destination.

  • E

    Custom-manufactured Wooden Crates with disinfection & issuing FM certification